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ERDC University welcomes 12 district team members to the Class of 2023

Posted on April 5, 2023

Twelve participants from across the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were chosen for ERDC University, a six-month detail at the Engineer Research and Development Center.

As the largest class since ERDC-U began eight years ago, the 2023 group of selectees visited the Vicksburg, Mississippi, to begin their research projects at four ERDC laboratories.

The 12 selectees were announced by ERDC-U Program Manager Antisa Webb, who serves as Chief, Office of Research and Technology Transfer (ORTT), Technology, Knowledge and Outreach (TKO) Division. The Class of 2023 orientation session was held February 27 through March 2 at ERDC headquarters.

In his welcome to the incoming class, ERDC Director Dr. David Pittman said selectees will “have the opportunity to make great relationships that can help you the rest of your career, and we can learn about District needs from you.”

ERDC Deputy Director Dr. Beth Fleming presented an overview of the research and development facility to the group, which was followed by tours of all four Vicksburg laboratories.

“ERDC-U offers partnerships between USACE Division and District participants and relevant laboratory mentors for six-month research projects, resulting in technical solutions benefitting their workplace, the Corps and the Nation,” Webb said. “Working with these subject-matter experts in state-of-the art laboratories, participants are focusing on real-world solutions, as they also develop leadership skills for their home organization.”

The program is co-sponsored by ERDC’s Directorate of Human Capital (DHC) through an application and selection process. The annual sessions run from March through August. Program funding is split between the selectee’s Division or District for choice of labor costs or travel with the other funded by ERDC.

Participants serve as members of the interdisciplinary research and development teams and report to their lead mentors on activities related to their chosen projects.

In September, participants will present results of these projects to ERDC senior leaders at their graduation ceremony and receive their diplomas.

Applications for the 2024 program will open October 1 for GS-7-13 team members through the “Opportunities” icon at:


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