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EQT leads coalition to advocate for increased gas infrastructure including LNG exports

Posted on October 13, 2022

EQT, the largest producer of natural gas in the US, and TC Energy, the Canadian-based developer of natural gas infrastructure spanning North America, said October 11 they had launched a coalition to advocate for the development of US natural gas production and LNG export infrastructure.

The aim of the coalition – Partnership to Address Global Emissions (PAGE) – is to “unleash” US natural gas and LNG to replace foreign coal-fired power generation and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

“If the US unlocks the full potential of LNG to replace international coal, the emissions reductions would be equivalent to electrifying every US vehicle, powering every US home with rooftop solar and doubling US wind capacity combined,” EQT CEO Toby Rice said. “All we need is the greenlight to build the infrastructure that will let us get natural gas from where it is produced to where it can be used.”

PAGE will help develop and promote policies that support four core objectives:

  • Replace foreign coal with a reliable and affordable supply of US natural gas;
  • Help countries meet their Paris Agreement emissions reduction targets;
  • Address the energy security needs of US allies in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and;
  • Increase energy supplies to reduce inflationary costs that are driving up energy prices.

“US natural gas has a crucial role to play in the global clean energy transition, providing secure baseload power to eliminate higher emitting coal, while reducing dependence on Russian gas, especially in Europe,” said Paul Bledsoe, strategic advisor on climate, energy and economics at the Progressive Policy Institute and a member of the PAGE advisory council. “In turn, the US must continue to drive down methane emissions from gas so that American natural gas is the cleanest in the world.”

Engineering giant Williams joins EQT and TC Energy as founding members of PAGE, while supporting members include Baker Hughes and the United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters. PAGE will continue to recruit new members in the coming months.


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