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Eddy Pump partners with Hawk Excavator to improve efficiency

Posted on July 10, 2023

EDDY Pump Corporation and Hawk Excavator have entered into a strategic partnership to leverage their strengths in manufacturing pump and dredge equipment and heavy-duty excavator equipment. This collaboration aims to provide customers with customized, high-quality machines and innovative solutions, revolutionising the industry.

Ben Weinrib, CEO of EDDY Pump Corporation, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the combination of EDDY Pump’s cutting-edge pumping technology with Hawk Excavator’s expertise in precision-engineered excavator equipment. The collaboration will empower customers from various industries to tackle demanding projects with enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness, aligning with their customer-centric approach.

Arthur McCann, CEO of Hawk Excavator, emphasised customers’ challenges, including limited customisation, maintenance issues, high operating costs, and inadequate support. The partnership will address these issues by providing tailored solutions, creating a long-term competitive advantage for both companies. Furthermore, Hawk Excavator’s equipment is compatible with global excavator brands, expanding their reach and market potential.

EDDY Pump has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to industries such as the US Navy, marine dredging, construction, oil and gas, and mining. Their durable slurry pumps and dredging equipment exhibit exceptional performance in handling abrasive materials while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. The integration of Hawk Excavator’s advanced equipment will further enhance the efficiency and productivity of EDDY Pump’s products.


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