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Dubai plans to implement the largest coastal restoration project

Posted on May 27, 2024

In Dubai, they are planning to implement a coastal restoration project, within the framework of which more than 100 mangrove plants will be planted.

About this said in the material of CNN.

“Mangroves are nature’s own defense system against coastal erosion and sea level rise, which is a critical issue for any coastal city, including Dubai,” says urban planner Baharash Bagherian.

For the implementation of the project, a section of the coastline with a length of more than 70 kilometers was chosen. The plants that will be planted on the territory will be able to support entire ecosystems. This is enough to absorb more than 1,2 million metric tons of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to the amount of gas produced by 260 cars.

According to the US National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, mangroves can absorb carbon dioxide 10 times faster than mature rainforests, and they can store carbon three to five times more densely.

In addition, mangroves act as nurseries for marine life and provide natural habitats for fish, birds and other plants, increasing biodiversity.

The project is planned to be implemented by 2040.


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