Cheddar expresses his desire to dredge the sea to Kumasi in the Ashanti Region as part of his development plan if elected President.

He argued that this initiative would transform Kumasi into an inland port, similar to Dubai’s development from a desert to a city with a sea.

During a discussion on Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” morning show, Atik Mohammed mocks Cheddar’s proposal, describing it as a “joke of a policy.”

Atik Mohammed cautions, “Let’s not spend precious airtime discussing this joke. This joke is not funny, we are wasting a lot of precious time discussing it.”

He pointed out the logistical challenges and environmental consequences of diverting the sea to Kumasi, suggesting that it would lead to the disappearance of significant parts of the Eastern and Greater Accra Regions.

“If you are sending the sea to Kumasi, it means that two Regions are going to go. The Eastern Region will be gone; Greater Accra Region will be gone.

“Ghana will start from Kumasi. If care is not taken, Kumasi, itself, will be gone. Does he understand the meaning of sea?” he mocked the New Force leader.