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Dredging Ross Lake on improvement list if grant is approved

Sludge on Ross Lake would be dredged away if Beaverton City is approved for a $2.5 million from a Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery.

Posted on September 27, 2023

The City of Beaverton hopes to soon hear back from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery about financing for many projects.

Beaverton Mayor Ray Nau said some of the projects need matching grants. The city has secured $1.5 million for Ross Lake improvements but now seeks a $1.5 million match. This includes removing the sludge from the water.

“It is gross,” said resident Katherine Maddox. “I think this is one of the biggest issues next to the price of water in the city. I’m glad the city’s addressing it.”

Nau said the city, even though it currently lacks a city manager, is hopeful to achieve a lot.

“We are fixing the roads and addressing the lake,” Nau said. “We are hoping to accomplish so much with the grant money.”

Nau said dredging the lake is one of the top priorities for residents. He said if they don’t get approval for the current grant, there are more grants they can apply for and will.

The mayor said the city is also seeking a 15% match for repairing water and sewer lines, costing more than $25 million.

“There is a lot of importance on this project also,” Nau said. “We are focused on achieving this.”

He said other projects underway that need grant help include fixing the drainage on Brown Street, the storm sewer on Tonkin Street, and expanding and repairing streets. If approved for grant money, city officials would like to add new water and sewer infrastructure to the newly annexed areas.

Nau said the city’s goals are to stabilize funding and staffing, complete infrastructure improvement projects and seek funding for others. Goals include creating more housing options in the city, continuing to stabilize critical infrastructure and be being conscious. Also, Nau said he is continuing to work with officials to enhance blight enforcement.

The city has already completed the long-awaited water treatment plant, to remove iron. Also, various road projects are complete, including the reconstruction of Saginaw Street, Glidden Road, Industrial Drive and Terry Diane Street.


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