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Dredging process underway at Italian Lake in Harrisburg

Posted on April 22, 2024

You may have noticed some changes at Italian Lake in Harrisburg. That’s because the lake is being dredged this week.

The lake was built in the early 1900s and is home to many wildlife, fish and plants.

Over the years, things like tree leaves, trash and animal feces made their way to the bottom of the lake, dirtying the water and making it hard for wildlife to survive.

The city of Harrisburg said the deep cleaning will improve the water quality for wildlife, fish, and plants that call the lake home.

For seven to 10 days, crews will flush out trash, debris and sediment that is at the bottom of the lake.

The city of Harrisburg plans to dredge one-quarter of the lake each year. It will cost about $27,300 annually.

Last year’s cleaning was done in the southernmost quarter, closer to Division Street.

This year crews will clean the next closest quarter to the north.

The Italian Lake area isn’t closed during dredging, but members of the public are being asked to avoid the place where it’s happening.


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