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Dredging plans underway for Deep Creek

Posted on April 19, 2023

Planning is underway for one of several dredging projects on the Eastern Shore.   $4.275 million will be awarded to dredge Deep Creek in Accomack County.

According to  John Joeckel work is scheduled to begin in January 2025 and the project is scheduled to be complete by January 2026.

Joeckel said the work will include finding and evaluating a sediment site, field investigations, environmental coordination,  channel design and the development of plans and specifications.

The project is part of a series totaling $27 million for the Eastern Shore. Joeckel said that due to the limited number of contractors available,  all of the projects cannot be underway simultaneously and that a priority list of the projects will be developed and scheduled.  The anticipated date is the result for Deep Creek in that prioritization.

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