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Dredging on the Kaskaskia River

Posted on April 20, 2022

Kaskaskia River Project— The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is announcing that dredging has once again began on the Kaskaskia River from the New Athens, Ill. boat ramp south to the confluence of the Mississippi River. This dredging is intended to remove sediment from boat ramps and the mouths of oxbows on the Kaskaskia River improving access for navigation capabilities, recreation, and promoting economic growth.

During dredging operations, the river channel will not be closed however portions of the river may be temporarily inaccessible due to the positioning of dredging equipment.  Any closures will be marked with buoys, so please be aware of this effort. For your safety, please comply with all posted restrictions and avoid all active construction sites while dredging is ongoing.

This dredging project began in March and will continue as long as funding is available, weather permitting.

For more information and directions contact the Kaskaskia River Project Office at (618) 284-7160 or e-mail us at KaskyL&


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