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Dredging of urban ponds in Stratford to start this summer

Moore's Pond is mostly drained already, in anctipation of dredging this summer. Heavy siltation over the years has reduced its depth.

Posted on April 26, 2023

Work to restore two ponds in Stratford, P.E.I., is set to finally get underway this summer.

The project to rehabilitate Moore’s and Kelly’s ponds got $250,000 from the federal and provincial governments last year, but the work was delayed after post-tropical storm Fiona swept across the province.

Now the town expects contractors to be on site at Moore’s Pond on Stratford Road as early as July.

“Once we drain the water from the pond and let it dry out on the bottom, they can get their equipment in,” said Jeannie Woodard, director of infrastructure for the town.

The workers will dredge the pond to make it deeper and place the dredged material along the banks of the pond, leaving it narrower.

The dredged material won’t be hauled off site because it will contain the roots and seeds of invasive plant species spotted at the site.

The pond has been in need of help for years, according to town officials.

“It’s not doing too well, ” said Maddy Crowell, Stratford’s environmental sustainability coordinator. “Due to sediment infilling, the oxygen levels in the pond, the temperatures in the pond and the level of nutrients in the pond are all at abnormally poor numbers,”

Funding requested in 2019

The town has been discussing the restoration project for over a decade, and applied for federal funding back in 2019.

Kelly’s Pond was once a popular hangout for anglers.

Rehabilitation of Kelly’s Pond on Keppoch Road — once a popular fishing spot — will be Phase 2 of the project.

Both streams are on the same waterway, which drains into Stewart Cove in Hillsborough Harbour.

Moore’s Pond is being tackled first because it is upstream from Kelly’s Pond, according to the town.


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