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Dredging of Clevedon Marine Lake taking place in March

A previous dredging of Clevedon Marine Lake.

Posted on March 1, 2023

VOLUNTEERS are being asked to help out with the draining of Clevedon Lake next month.

The scheme involves draining the lake and extracting silt/mud on Saturday, March 11.

It will take around seven hours to remove all the water as part of the process, which is carried out under a Marine Licence.

The draining is timed carefully for the diminishing flow to meet the rising tide to prevent fish and eels leaving the lake becoming stranded.

The penstocks (sluice gates) will be opened to start the draining at 1pm.

So on Saturday, March 11, at 13:00 the penstocks (sluice gates) will be opened to commence draining the lake.

Litter picking of the lake bed and rescuing of fish and eels which haven’t left, will start from 9am on Sunday (March 12).

A digger will be working throughout the week to scoop up the mud and dump it over the wall, back into the estuary from where it came.

Sarah Swash, chairman of Marlens, which ‘brings life’ to the lake, said: “We welcome all volunteers to help us with this important task, particularly if you enjoy mud.

“There is lots of opportunity to help with different aspects – clearing litter, rescuing marine life including fish and eels and more.

“You may even find lost valuables on the exposed lake bed.

“We rely on your support and can’t do it without you – thank you in advance for any help you can give.”

The lake is expected to partially re-fill with the high tide at around 6pm on Monday, March 20, and the morning tide at around 5.50am the following day will finish the job.


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