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Dredging in Mattapoisett harbor completed

Dredging between Holmes Wharf and Long Wharf has been completed, according to Mattapoisett town administrator Mike Lorenco. The spoils will likely be transported to a site in Vermont.

Posted on January 31, 2024

Dredging of the Mattapoisett harbor has been completed, though the spoils have not yet been transported out to a waste station.

Town administrator Mike Lorenco said that 99 cubic feet of sediment material has been removed. The town is checking if the spoils can be brought to a site in Bourne, though more likely is that the material will be shipped to a site in Vermont, according to Lorenco.

“There’s only a few people that will take this material, so that was the closest we could find if Bourne won’t take it unfortunately,” Lorenco said.

The spoils dredged from between Holmes Wharf and Long Wharf are considered industrial waste and thus cannot be taken to the capped landfill in Mattapoisett, Marine Advisory Board Chair Carlos DeSousa said at a Jan. 25 meeting.

The material also needs to dry before it can be transported, but there will be no impact on the start of the season, according to DeSousa.

“The good news with that is it looks like it will all be done before the season starts, so there will be no effect whatsoever,” DeSousa said.

Dredging of the Mattapoisett harbor is conducted on an as-needed basis, according to Lorenco.


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