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Dredging at Teshie in Accra’s Sango Lagoon begins

Posted on July 5, 2023

The Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly has begun dredging at Teshie in Accra’s Sango Lagoon

According to the Assembly, the dredging would last three months.

The project will involve clearing the lagoon of accumulated sediment, garbage, and vegetation, to eventually restore its former depth and capacity.

Speaking to journalists, Assembly Chief Executive Mordecai Quarshie stated that the initiative will also help fisherfolk in the area, which is flood-prone and low-lying.

He explained that the contract was awarded to Blessed Field.

We broke ground for the dredging of the Sango Lagoon because it has not been dredged in a long time, and nobody around seems to remember the last time it was dredged. But it is important for it to be dredged to reinforce our flood prevention measures. We have dredged the entire length of the Sango stream and now at the lagoon, and we are restoring the boundaries of the lagoon to let it hold rain waters. But there is also another reason, which is to enable the fisherfolk to anchor their canoes,” Quarshie said.


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