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DredgeWire Exclusive: Interview with Dredge Start-up EQvolve

Leon van Lent, Kelly Polman and Cor Quak

Posted on November 27, 2023

Unearthing Reliability, Efficiency and Sustainability: Where Dredging and EQvolve meet!

Three Dutch dredging professionals have recently struck out on their own to set up a new company, EQvolve BV, in the dredging field. They first met while working together at Rohr-IDRECO.

DredgeWire recently sat with them to hear them tell their story, and here are excerpts from that conversation.

In founding EQvolve B.V last June they had a clear mission. Based on extensive industry experience, the founders identified a troubling trend: a gradual knowledge drain within the Inland Dredging Industry. This prompted EQvolve to step in and bridge the knowledge gap, ensuring fulfilment of clients’ specific needs while promoting more efficient, effective and sustainable operations. This input empowers clients to sustain their operations and grow greener in a rapidly changing world. EQvolve intends to target customers with both local and global reach.

The company focuses on Dredger Lifecycle Management with a wide range of expertise. The offered services ranges from engineering, electrification & modification, service & maintenance and parts management tailored for dredge pumps & equipment. Their ultimate goal is to achieve optimal performance and especially efficient energy utilization.

They have introduced the “EQvolve Academy” which offers start-up, operator & maintenance training as part of their accumulated expertise. The 50 certified training sessions they have conducted in 14 countries have already established a proven track record of superior client achievements.

DredgeWire asked the three to introduce themselves briefly.

Leon van Lent

I have over 20 years of experience in Equipment Engineering, R&D, Product & Project management and Sales Engineering in the heavy machinery industry such as Dredging Equipment, Drilling Equipment and Oil Exploration Support Vehicles. Selecting the most suitable and efficient equipment or dredge pump for the job is my passion. Finding the most optimal balance between Technical Specifications, Equipment Costs, Operation Efficiency and Serviceability is key in my role when advising customer, where it’s demands, wishes, targets and boundaries play a central role.

Kelly Polman

With over 10 years of experience in the world of dredging, I know that the success of clients depends on maximum efficiency and control of operational costs. With our Parts Management Program we focus on optimizing business activities. Not only the effective management of spare parts is crucial to ensure uninterrupted operations, but (preventive) maintenance is also important to ensure that the machines remain in top condition. Together with the customer, we map out the wishes and requirements, resulting in a tailor-made maintenance plan. “We put the customer first in everything we do”

Cor Quak

I have over 25 years of experience in the sand and gravel industry. Starting as a dedicated mechanic, I specialized in process improvement and played a key role in developing dredge control and DGPS software. For 11 years, I served as Technical Manager, overseeing sales, consulting, and advisory roles. My passion lies in the dynamics of diverse dredging processes, the power of heavy machinery, and the challenging environments they operate in. What drives me is not just the technology and machines but also the human aspect. I enjoy collaborating at all levels, from operators to executives, working together to optimize processes and make the right machinery choices.

Together, we make dredge systems work!

DredgeWire: How’s it going so far compared to your plans and expectations?

For the first few months we had mainly planned to create brand awareness in our own backyard, the Netherlands. But from moment 1 we had a flying start with requests and orders worldwide, which forced us to adjust our plan a bit. So it all went into overdrive, but settled down now and have continuous business already with delivering parts, services, upgrades.

DredgeWire: Can you elaborate on your work performed so far?

We have conducted 6 certified operator trainings in the US and 8 in Europe, in 4 different countries.

We have done reversed engineering on a dredge pump for a dutch client which struggled with increased wear and tear.

Link to the company website –

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