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Weeks Marine CSD J.S. Chatry Featured on Weather Channel Video Dredging Mississippi River

Posted on October 26, 2022

Several dredges have been deployed to keep shipping channels open and an underwater barrier is being built to keep a wedge of saltwater out of local drinking supplies.

Video Transcript

Dredges are working overtime to try and see barges moving on the Mississippi River and an underwater levy is being built to keep saltwater from intruding into local drinking water supplies now the Mississippi is at or pretty close to historic lows in some spots just because we’ve had a lack of rainfall this year especially in areas that feed the river the U. S. army corps of engineers has developed several dredging operations especially around Memphis and St Louis and the U. S. Coast Guard says at least 30 vessels of running around meanwhile to the south in underwater barriers under construction to stop the flow of a wedge of salt water that’s pushing its way of river the wedge happens periodically because part of the river bed is below sea level and normally the flow of fresh water is strong enough to keep it from moving further inland where it could contaminate local drinking water this various call the still by the way has been built only 3 times before when water levels were extremely low in 19881999 and 2012


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