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Dredge MURDEN at work in New England

Posted on June 10, 2024

The US Army Corps of Engineers recently welcomed the government dredger MURDEN to New England.

According to the Corps, MURDEN began dredging May 30 at Green Harbor in Marshfield, Massachusetts, and is currently dredging Great Salt Pond in Block Island, RI.

Green Harbor in Marshfield is located at the northwest end of Cape Cod Bay, approximately 30 miles southeast of Boston and 9 miles north of Plymouth Harbor.

MURDEN worked here to preserve a canal that extended 4,000 feet from deep water to a six-foot-deep turning basin under the Route 139 Bridge.

Great Salt Pond is located along the western shore of Block Island, an 11-square-mile island 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island and 15 miles northeast of New York’s Long Island.

The dredging helps maintain a 0.9-kilometer-long access channel that extends from the ocean to the pond. The canal is generally 18 feet deep and 90 feet wide.


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