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DP World Launches Revolutionary MoorMaster Technology in Chile

Posted on July 1, 2024

SAN ANTONIO, CHILE – DP World, a global leader in supply chain solutions, announces the adoption of the MoorMaster™ NxG automated mooring technology at its terminal at the Port of San Antonio in Chile. This milestone marks the first use of the system in the Americas and the first within the DP World global network.

The MoorMaster system, developed by Cavotec, revolutionizes the mooring process through automated vacuum pads that secure and release vessels within seconds. This cutting-edge technology significantly enhances the efficiency and safety of port operations. This is particularly crucial at the Port of San Antonio, which is known for its significant swell events where tidal waves can exceed 2.5 meters. These conditions often delay traditional mooring operations and pose severe safety risks, including mooring line failures.

The MoorMaster system is expected to substantially improve operational performance at the terminal. The technology reduces mooring times, decreases the risk of mooring line failures, and improved vessel loading and discharge productivity.

Curtis Doiron, CEO of DP World in Chile, said: “The adoption of the MoorMaster system at our San Antonio terminal is a transformative moment for DP World in Chile, demonstrating our commitment to the forefront of maritime technology. This state-of-the-art technology not only streamlines and improved our operations, but fundamentally enhances the safety of every team member working at our port. By drastically reducing the risks associated with traditional mooring, we are setting new industry standards for safety and efficiency.”

Patrick Mares, President of Ports & Maritime Division of Cavotec, said: “We are thrilled to see DP World adopt our MoorMaster NxG technology at the Port of San Antonio, marking a significant milestone as the first deployment in the Americas. This technology is designed to transform the mooring process, and we believe this implementation will set a new standard in maritime operations. We are eager to support DP World as they modernize their operations and work to achieve unparalleled safety and efficiency at their terminals.”

The implementation of the $7 million MoorMaster investment at San Antonio is part of a broader strategy to modernize and improve safety and productivity standards across DP World’s global network. Adoption of this technology will inform the use by other DP World terminals in similar conditions.

DP World Americas Media Contact:

Melina Vissat, Head of Communications
M: (+1) 704-605-6159

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