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Danos Moves Into Coastal Restoration Work

Danos is moving into coastal restoration projects, and the company's Amelia facility will play a role.

Posted on August 28, 2023

Danos has expanded its portfolio to offer coastal restoration services to customers throughout the Gulf South, the company said in a press release.

In addition to providing the materials and workforce to restore or replace barriers in marine environments, the company is producing and installing artificial reefs tailored to the local habitat.

Most recently, Danos partnered with the Coastal Conservation Association to develop 128 3D-printed concrete modules installed at South Marsh Island 235 south of Cypremort Point.

A major driver of Danos’ investment in coastal restoration services is its partnership with Natrx, a Raleigh, NC-based technology firm developing bioengineering solutions for wetland conservation.

Danos is fabricating two Natrx innovations: the patented Oysterbreak pre-cast concrete modules and the 3D-printed ExoForm (nicknamed “Cajun Coral”) tailored concrete units. Both products represent significant improvements over existing options — such as riprap or bulkheading — saving time and money while offering greater protection and supporting the growth of landmass and marine habitats.

Danos can mass-produce and store both Oysterbreak and Cajun Coral at its Amelia fabrication facility. In addition, the company will deploy a second 3D printer serving as a mobile unit to locations around the world.

“Protecting vital wetlands is a priority for our customers and communities,” said Eric Danos, CEO of Danos Ventures, a Natrx investor. “By investing in this technology, we can maximize the impact of coastal restoration efforts — creating living shorelines and local jobs.”

Both Oysterbreak and Cajun Coral are designed and storm-tested to deliver maximum protection of coastal areas while also growing native oyster, coral and fish populations.


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