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Damen explores Zeabuz’s technology for next-gen maritime solutions for autonomous vessel operation

Posted on January 1, 2024

Damen, a renowned global leader in shipbuilding and maritime solutions, has embarked on a comprehensive study of Zeabuz’s cutting-edge technology for autonomous sailing. Damen and Zeabuz are on a mission to enable autonomous operations on different levels in the coming years. Working with a promising high-tech scale-up like Zeabuz underlines Damen’s commitment to being at the forefront of innovative advancements in the maritime market.

Zeabuz specialises in software for autonomous maritime operations, bringing autonomy to the market with a thorough and solid approach. Zeabuz’s gradual introduction of autonomous solutions supports the establishment of a robust foundation and enables swift scalability of the technology across diverse application areas. Autonomy holds the potential to revolutionise vessel operations by enhancing safety protocols, optimising asset effectiveness, and paving the way for the creation of new business models.

The industry’s growing interest in autonomous and technologically advanced solutions underlines the need for collaboration between advanced knowledge partners. The exploration process will encompass rigorous testing, analysis, and collaborative endeavours aimed at pinpointing areas where Damen’s expertise in systems integration can potentially bolster and enhance Zeabuz’s technology.

This collaboration represents the next step in the exciting strategic endeavours of Damen’s journey towards embracing innovation. As the collaborative efforts progress, the interaction between Damen and Zeabuz holds the promise of unlocking transformative applications, reshaping the maritime landscape, and setting new benchmarks for advanced and autonomous maritime technology.

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