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Crews begin dredging project at Clam Pass inlet

Posted on June 25, 2024

Crews at Clam Pass Inlet are moving hundreds of pounds of sand with each scoop of their excavators as part of a dredging project aimed at keeping the inlet open.

One of the main attractions at Clam Pass Park is the inlet, where the mouth of Clam Pass meets the Gulf of Mexico. However, the inlet is currently inaccessible.

For park visitors wondering about the recent activity, here’s the update: crews are hard at work dredging the inlet to address the shoaling issue.

Shoals form when sand and sediment build up in a waterway, making it too shallow for boats and obstructing water flow. If left unaddressed, this could lead to the closure of the inlet.

To combat this, crews are using bulldozers and excavators to remove the excess sand, ensuring the waterway remains navigable and healthy.

Given that it is sea turtle nesting season, the work is being confined to the inlet channel and banks to minimize environmental impact and avoid disturbing the nests, while also reducing the work area along the beach.

County officials expect the project to be completed within a month.


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