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COP28: Jan De Nul is ready to accelerate the energy transition

Posted on December 10, 2023

Today, four of our colleagues were on stage at COP28 in Dubai, the annual international climate summit convened by the United Nations. This climate summit brings together governments from nearly 200 countries with one goal: to discuss global efforts to tackle the climate crisis. Our colleagues there spoke about our landmark projects that are shaping a more sustainable future and can accelerate the energy transition.

Where are we with the Paris Agreement targets, how can we further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how can we help vulnerable communities adapt to the impacts of climate change? These are just some of the questions the COP meeting aims to answer.

But, the Dubai climate conference is about more than just climate. It is also an energy summit. For instance, ambitious targets are set in terms of renewable energy. This is precisely why our colleagues are present.

Today, they told there about our landmark projects that are shaping a more sustainable future:

  • How we are co-building mangrove forests;
  • How we are converting polluted sites into facilities for solar, wind and hydrogen production;
  • How we focus on reducing our own carbon footprint by investing in a sustainable fleet and equipment;
  • Finally, how we build total offshore wind farms.

In other words, they carry our mission and vision there with the aim of establishing contacts for the future. Contacts that can grow into agreements with partners with whom we can make a difference in the energy transition together.


It's on us. Share your news here.
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