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Conrad Shipyard Launches Cutting-Edge YRBM Vessel for the U.S. Navy

Posted on August 25, 2023

MORGAN CITY, AUGUST 24, 2023 – On August 14, 2023, Conrad Shipyard, LLC launched the first YRBM barge under construcion for the US Navy. The YRBM barges provide a temporary home away from home and workplace for our service men and women whose vessels are in port for repairs and maintenance. Conrad is currently under contract to build five (5) YRBM barges, and they are being constructed at Conrad’s Amelia facility. The first YRBM barge is scheduled to be delivered to the Navy in the first quarter of 2024.

The YRBM vessel showcases Conrad Shipyard’s dedication to quality and safety from the engineering phase through completion of the vessel. We have successfully integrated the Navy’s requirements for the YRBM into a compliant design that maximizes the goals set forth in the RFP. At Conrad Shipyard, safety is a core value and is always a primary concern. The YRBM vessel’s design and construction have been guided by our robust safety protocols. We look forward to the completion of this first hull soon and the continuation of our partnership with the US Navy

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