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City of Cold Lake aims to be done dredging of marina by May long weekend

The Cold Lake Marina is pictured.

Posted on April 26, 2023

The City of Cold Lake will be completing “a major dredging program” at the Cold Lake Marina to remove silt and vegetation.

According to information from the municipality, the City is hoping to extract 5,200 cubic meters (approximately 180,000 cubic feet) of material from the lake bed.

“A specialized centrifuge will be used to spin the dredged materials, separating the lake water from the materials being removed. The extracted material will then be loaded onto trucks for proper disposal. This will be the largest dredging project the City has ever taken on, with the cost of the dredging project coming in at just over $700,000,” according to the City.

“Dredging is an important part of operating and maintaining the marina to ensure that boaters here are able to launch and dock their boats safely, but it is costly and requires significant environmental approvals. We do not get too many chances to undertake dredging operations of this size, so we want to make the most of this operation while it lasts,” according to Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland.

The set up and dredging is scheduled to being April 24, taking place until May 19, pending weather and lake conditions.

“The Cold Lake Marina is very well known and admired throughout the province. There is a lot of upkeep that comes along with maintaining its reputation,” Copeland said.

The dredging operations will run around the clock to ensure the project schedule is met in time for boating season.

“Residents close to the marina can expect some traffic and sound disruption during this operation, but these will be mitigated as much as possible. The City of Cold Lake appreciates the public’s understanding and cooperation during this project,” according to the City.

City staff are aiming to have the marina open for May long weekend. But, the opening day will ultimately depend on the lake conditions. A formal announcement will be made as the date approaches.


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