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City of Beaumont releases pictures and progress report on Callan Marine’s Riverfront Park restoration

Posted on October 17, 2023

BEAUMONT — The City of Beaumont says a contractor is making good progress on the $17 million Riverfront Park restoration project.

Callan Marine has completed the installation of the interlocking concrete mats for the revetment wall to protect against erosion of the bank on the north side of the park, according to the city. They have also completed a large outfall structure that stabilizes two large storm lines that run through the park and discharge into the Neches River.

They are currently working on dredging (59% complete) and the installation of a bulkhead wall to protect the bank. The initial component is the batter piles that are driven into the ground to help stabilize and provide support for the wall. 25 of 98 batter piles have been driven and approximately 84 feet of water has been installed that connects the batter piles together and provides support for the sheet pile wall. Eleven pairs of the sheet pile has also been installed.

The city says the project is still on track to be completed in September 2024.
























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