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CEO of Portland Port continues to back proposed incinerator plans

Posted on March 1, 2023

The CEO of Portland Port still believes building a waste incinerator on the island is vital for the port’s future.

Bill Reeves thinks the need for an energy recovery facility has only increased since the planning application was first submitted, over two years ago.

He insists that the incinerator will keep the Port competitive, secure its viability for decades to come and make its operations more sustainable, while protecting existing jobs and bringing new ones to the area.

But campaigners against the facility have concerns over the pollution burning waste causes and the impact the incinerator will have on a World Heritage site like the Jurassic coast.

Mr Reeves said:

“We need the facility as this ensures that the Port has access to generated power and allows it to offer shore power to secure its future.”

Without shore power, Mr Reeves believes Portland risks losing cruise line business, which is a “vital” revenue stream for Portland’s economy and a sector that is continuing to grow.

According to Portland Port, over 100,000 cruise guests used the Port in 2022, generating more than £8 million for the local economy. They also predict this figure to grow to 130,000 visitors in 2023.

Mr Reeves said:

“Cruise lines are increasingly demanding shore power to allow them to reduce their emissions and carbon impacts whilst in port. Portland needs to be able to offer shore power to keep, and grow, this business.”

Portland Port

A planning application to develop the Energy Recovery Facility was submitted by Powerfuel Portland in September 2020. It is expected that a decision on the project will be made in March 2023.

The Powerfuel facility will use residual waste from Dorset households to provide enough shore power for the next 5-10 years.

Despite local protesters organising a campaign against the project, Bill Reeves says the “unsubstantiated claims” are “contrary to the position taken by national regulators” and accesses protestors of “scaremongering.”


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