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Caterpillar Invests in Battery Tech Company Lithos

Posted on January 11, 2023

Caterpillar recently announced a partnership with Lithos Energy, a California-based battery technology company. The collaboration will help build on Caterpillar’s sustainability and electrification goals. Lithos produces lithium-ion batteries, specializing in designing and manufacturing shock resistant and high-performance batteries for off-road and marine equipment.

Caterpillar’s collaboration with Lithos supports our commitment to delivering robust electrified products and solutions for our customers,” said Joe Creed, group president of Caterpillar’s energy and transportation segment. “Cat equipment – regardless of its power source – is designed to operate in the most demanding conditions. Lithos’ experience manufacturing battery packs for similarly demanding environments will be an asset as we continue our electrified product development.”

In October, Caterpillar announced four new electric machine prototypes: the 301.9 mini excavator, 320 medium excavator, 950 GC medium wheel loader and 906 compact wheel loader. The 301.9 and 906 are expected to be the first commercially-available models. The prototypes are powered by Caterpillar batteries and include an onboard AC charger. The company also plans to offer an offboard DC fast charging option.

The Caterpillar-designed batteries on those prototypes will also be available to power other industrial applications. The lithium-ion battery range has a modular design that offers configurations across multiple applications. The batteries are engineered to be scalable to industry and customer performance needs and maximize sustainability throughout their lifecycle, including recycling and reuse at the end of life.

In its 2021 presentation to investors, Caterpillar reported that it is investing in power sources that offer lower emissions without sacrificing performance, in order to meet customers’ climate objectives. Caterpillar machines can operate on an increasingly wide range of fuels, including diesel, biodiesel, renewable diesel, natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, coal mine methane, dual fuel and hydrogen blends.

” At the same time, we work with our customers to provide the supporting technology, including autonomous systems that boost safety and productivity while enabling more consistent and efficient operations. We also rebuild and remanufacture many of our components, engines and machines, offering customers a way to not only save on costs, but also to reduce environmental impact and waste by keeping non-renewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes,” the report stated.


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