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Bring back dredging to stop Ouse flooding in York – letter

Archive photo of Kings Staith at York, where the River Ouse has breached its banks. Our letter writer says it is time to bring back dredging as the Ouse floods again

Posted on January 16, 2023

YORK is now struggling again with the river rising and properties being damaged by flooding.

Yes, flood barriers are in place and updated to control this.

But why don’t we revert back to dredging the river again?

Surely it could be done? I remember the sand that was dredged up was collected by builders, so therefore recycling as well as lowering the river bed.

It is probably full of bikes and trolleys now, but as we are constantly being told to “recycle” maybe they could be as well.

I don’t remember the river bursting it banks when I was younger, but I do remember watching the dredger.

Sometimes the old ways worked better. It’s just a thought.

S McClaren,

Boroughbridge Road,


Where is the outrage over 6M Covid deaths?

I NOTE the predicable outrage over Andrew Bridgen comparing vaccine use to the holocaust, typically overdone but still, not the smartest or most accurate thing he’s ever said.

What I do note though is the comparison with the reaction to the real killing of more than six million people so far, caused not by vaccines but by five letters beginning with C.

Nearly three years on and yet there seems to be no real outrage towards those responsible for it, no Nuremberg, just silence.

Strange how it’s always the tweets, not the deaths of millions and financial ruin of an entire planet that gets people worked up and the experts rushing to point out the lies and misinformation being spread. But then a lone MP doesn’t bankroll social media giants or the universities do they?

Dr Scott Marmion,



Why I’m impressed by University of Life

QUALIFICATIONS are one thing but ability is quite another.

A most successful businessman I know sardonically states his central heating boiler has more certificates than he does.

As an employer I took on people with supposedly high qualifications who turned out to be duds while others with no recognised awards were far more competent.

Formal qualifications can be over rated. The University of Life is capable of producing individuals equal to anything churned out by academic institutions.

Matthew Laverack,


Lord Mayors Walk,



HOW encouraging it was to read of the two young men from New Earswick who have been recycling Christmas trees for such a worthy cause.

Their commitment is to be admired and I am sure both Mr Wreglesworth and Mr Smith will do a lot of good work in Cambodia.

If I had space for a real Christmas tree I would certainly donate it, and would encourage others who do not to donate to the cause.

Peter Donnelly,

Swan Court,



Marvellous service at A&E

I HAD to go to A&E at York Hospital today. Marvellous service, efficient orderly service.

In and out in two hours. Thank you to all staff.

Your services are much appreciated.

John Cocker,

Huntsmans Lane,

Stamford Bridge,


Remember NHS walk-in clinics

YOUR correspondent was right: Tony Blair did reduce GPs to a five days a week. But he forgot to add that to compensate we had the walk-in centres open all weekend. Can anyone remember what happened to them? Perhaps Cameron’s Tories can enlighten us?

Brian Ledger,




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