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Brassavola – Large Lng Bunkering Ship To Serve Port Of Singapore

Posted on September 5, 2023

Singapore shipbuilder Sembcorp Marine, now operating under the name Seatrium, has handed over a new LNG bunkering vessel owned jointly by Pavilion Energy and Japanese shipping company Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL).

The Singapore-flagged, Bureau Veritas-classed vessel has been named Brassavola after a species of orchid. Measuring 116.5 by 22 metres and with a gross tonnage of 12,123 and capacity for 12,000 cubic metres of LNG fuel cargo, it is the largest LNG bunkering vessel to be built and operated in Singapore in addition to being the first newbuild LNG bunkering vessel to be acquired by Pavilion Energy.

The vessel features two GTT Mark III Flex membrane tanks, which help ensure lower internal pressure, temperature, and boil-off rate. This then translates into greater tank durability, safer fuel transfer operations, and reduced cargo loss through evaporation. Up to 2,000 cubic metres of LNG cargo can be loaded and discharged in one hour, allowing a greater number of bunkering operations to be carried out in one day.

The twin membrane tanks also weigh less and occupy less ship space, allowing the vessel to carry more cargo and consume less fuel during transportation. For cleaner propulsion, the vessel is fitted with dual-fuel engines that can run on either LNG or conventional marine diesel. The engines drive two azimuthing thrusters to allow the vessel to sail at a service speed of 11.5 knots. A bow thruster is also fitted to ensure safer navigation in restrictive port waters.

The vessel’s ballast water treatment system uses a chemical-free solution to treat ballast water efficiently using a two-stage filtration process, UV irradiation, and ultra-low-frequency waves generated by a biofouling control unit. This ensures effective disinfectant treatment with significantly lower power consumption.

Brassavola is being employed by Pavilion Energy to supply LNG fuel to ships calling at the Port of Singapore. Under a long-term agreement with Pavilion Energy, TotalEnergies Marine Fuels will also be employing the vessel to supply LNG to its customers.


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