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BlackSea Technologies Acquires Blue Tide Marine

OCEANUS V, Blue Tide Marine's 170’ Yacht Support Vessel: Featuring a spacious deck, 20,000 pounds crane capacity, and accommodations for 12 personnel.

Posted on April 1, 2024

BlackSea Technologies, a leader in defense technology solutions, announced it has acquired Blue Tide Marine. BlackSea Technologies is a portfolio company of Razors Edge Ventures, a Reston, VA growth equity firm with extensive experience in the national security sector. The acquisition is a key development in strengthening support for maritime operations, particularly focusing on the critical needs of warfighters. End-to-End UxS operations and material readiness will improve deployability, controllability, and reliability of uncrewed platforms and systems.

Blue Tide Marine, established by a team of retired US Navy SEALs, Special Operators, engineers, and subject matter experts, brings to the business a wealth of expertise navigating complex surface and subsurface operations. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions aimed at ensuring operational excellence in Anti-Access/Area Denial environments.

This new partnership between BlackSea Technologies and Blue Tide Marine is designed to deliver customers the state-of-the-art in successfully coordinating manned teams and unmanned, autonomous platforms, offering asymmetric capabilities in support of critical missions.

By integrating Blue Tide Marine’s services, BlackSea Technologies reaffirms its commitment to providing its customers continuous end-to-end support, enhancing the effectiveness of maritime operations. This acquisition is a testament to the ongoing efforts to provide the highest level of support to those protecting national security interests.

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