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Beach replenishment underway in Lewes

Posted on December 20, 2023

LEWES, Del.- The Army Corps of Engineers is hard at work replenishing the beaches near the Roosevelt Inlet in Lewes.

The Corps is adding around one hundred thousand cubic yards of sand to the beach.

“It’s important to have basically that sand profile in place to really reduce the risk of storm damage to infrastructure,” said Army Corps spokesperson Stephen Rochette. “We monitor these beaches on a regular basis and then basically when needed and we when we have funding in place, it’s important to re nourish them to truly absorb that impact from potential storms.”

Rochette added that the way the sand is making it to the beach is a bit different this time around. Instead of the normal way of using trucks, the sand is being pumped from off the coast.

The city of Lewes currently gets replenished on a 6-year cycle according to Rochette.

Rochette also added this project is a relatively smaller one compared to other replenishment efforts, but it is expected to be complete in either late December or early January.


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