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Beach Replenishment Coming Later Than Expected in Fenwick Island

Posted on May 1, 2023

In Fenwick Island beach replenishment will start later than anticipated.

The Army Corps of Engineers announced Fenwick Island will get its replenishment sometime in July.

The replenishment in Rehoboth Beach was delayed causing the Fenwick Island date and all the beach towns south of Rehoboth to be pushed back.

Some locals like Mary Beth Scott think Fenwick doesn’t need the replenishment and are upset it has to happen mid-summer, “We’d rather the replenishment happen in the spring but it’s going to be in July and we will just have to deal with it,” Scott said.

But others like Natalie Barill think the beach replenishment is inevitable, “They got to do what they got to do. I love the beach. I love to utilize the beach all year round. So as long as there’s plenty of it,” Barill said.

“So hopefully there’ll be tidy quick and done and it won’t affect too much and everybody can enjoy a larger beach,” she said.

The town of Fenwick Island is ready for the beach replenishment even though their beach isn’t in the biggest need, it’s for the sustainability of the beach in case of future storms.

The Army Corps of Engineers report in May they’re getting a new dredge added to the beach replenishment project and with that new dredge the beach replenishment dates could be moved up.


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