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Beach park project aims to rebuild damaged ramp in Brevard County

The beach park project will fortify the coast better during storms.

Posted on January 25, 2023

Many beach accesses in Brevard County are still damaged from Hurricane Nicole’s assault in November.

In Indian Harbour Beach, part of Millennium Beach Park’s ramp to the beach is still closed off to foot traffic. Nicole’s intense winds and waves damaged the ramp.

A makeshift staircase was put in to allow people like John Ellis, who grew up in the area, to get down to the sand safely.

He’s now living in another state, but came back to visit his mother Kathy, and old stomping grounds over the holidays, and saw the storm damage firsthand.

“Couldn’t get down to the beach anywhere, had a two by four blocking it off covering up the access,” recalls Ellis.

The city is prepping to not just repair damage to its two battered beach parks. But here at Millennium, they are rebuilding the beach access, and all the structures on the grounds, like the boardwalk and pavilion.

It’s part of an over $400,000 revamp of the park, which has taken the brunt of several storms since it opened in 2000.

“I’d like to make sure they maintain the beach access for the public, visitors and locals,” Ellis said.

Once approved by the city council, the project should take 30-60 days to complete. The park will be closed during that time.

Ellis is grateful his hometown is being taken care of.​

“I love to see the beach to where it survives the next storm,” he says.

The council meets Tuesday night to vote on the project.

The city is also doing the same work to the damaged B​icentennial park down the street.



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