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Bayou Vermilion dredging project gets underway

Posted on July 10, 2024

An effort to reduce the flood risk along the Vermilion River in Lafayette is underway. Crews spent Monday, July 8, moving equipment into place to begin digging out shallow sections of the Bayou Vermilion near Rotary Point.

Officials with Lafayette Consolidated Government are now making efforts to clean waterways in the city for safer boating activities and for better drainage.

The $800,000 project will cover 2,000 feet north and south of Rotary Point, which will remove more than 14,000 cubic yards of trash and restore the Vermilion River to a safe level for boating.

“The project is good channel maintenance and it also restores the ability to navigate along the Vermilion River,” said Warren Abadie, director of LCG Public Works.

Officials added one of the main factors for this project is better drainage throughout the Hub City.

“There’s no doubt that if you remove the siltation of the river, more water can flow under the water surface. So, we would call this proper channel maintenance restoring the Vermilion to its natural grade, which is negative nine feet. Also restoring navigation,” explained Abadie.

Workers have already moved equipment to start digging. People will be able to see dredging along the river at Rotary Point in the next 30 days.


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