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Bayelsa Residents Call for Dredging of Epie Creek

Posted on March 20, 2024

As rainy season approaches, residents of Bayelsa State, especially those residing along Epie Creek, have cried out to the state government to ur- gently dredge the creek and stockpile the sides to stop the flooding that has inflicted much pains on them. Speaking to journalists, who were on routine inspection of Yenagoa metropolis, Pastor Tariebi Blessed Ka- lakai, a resident who spoke on the issue, urged the government to dig up the creek, adding that it will go a long way to checking the yearly flooding that has affected most houses along the creek.

He regretted that most times, governments go on crash programmes when flood comes, adding that the real solution to flooding is to pile the creek up from Igbo- gene to government house. He said; “The major cause of flooding in Bayelsa State is Epie Creek, which connects all the communities. If the government can dredge it above sea level, it will help.. ” Posterity will continue to remember Chief Melford Okilo, one time governor of old Rivers State, who made some successes on flood control during his tenure.”

Mrs Kate Wilson, also a resident in the flood prone community, said that when the creek is dredged, a standard bridge should be constructed to enable the residents to cross the communities. “There should be a stan- dard bridge to cross the creek when the place is dredged because we have no bridge crossing this place. We use the monkey bridge which is always done by residents to cross to our houses,” she said. But the Director General of Bayelsa State Flood and Erosion Control Agency, Omuso Wilson said that lack of funds is a major factor militating against the activities of the agency.


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