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Australia’s Swansea Channel Receives Emergency Dredge Plan

Posted on September 16, 2022

The Swansea Channel will be dredged before Christmas under a new emergency contract, which is being finalised.

It’s been an issue of contention between boaties and the NSW Government for some time as its the only way in and out of Lake Macquarie and becomes difficult to navigate due to the build up of sand.

Local MP Yasmin Catley has been campaigning for the channel to have a permanent dredging solution for years and finally she’s a small step closer.

The Swansea MP met with representatives from Maritime Infrastructure Delivery Office (MIDO) to discuss the plans to dredge the channel.

MIDO advised an emergency dredging contract is being finalised with works to be complete prior to Christmas.

“The discussions with MIDO yesterday were very positive with them committing to have emergency works completed before Christmas,” said Yasmin Catley.

“In a very positive step for the region, work is underway to establish a 10-year dredging plan, that will mean the community can have confidence the Channel will be navigable at all times,

“I have been calling for an ongoing dredging maintenance program for years, so I am very pleased with Minister Elliott taking this long-term approach. It just makes sense,” she said.


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