“We as American consumers make up 70% of our nation’s economy,” Seroka said, urging Americans to “keep buying, keep going to the store, keep purchasing online, we’re going to get it to you, we’re going to continue to improve. That’s our job to serve you as the American consumer.”

But it’s undeniable that consumers’ wallets are hurting amid high inflation, which has hit four-decade highs. Seroka said that it’s their responsibility to drive down costs by moving cargo quickly and smoothly in the hopes that increased costs do not get passed down to consumers.

“If it costs more to transport your goods, chances are that retailers and others are going to pass that increased cost on to us the consumers,” he said. “So it’s our job to continue to bring down costs by moving cargo more efficiently, not letting it sit and wait.”

“The more we can do to keep this cargo flowing smoothly will alleviate those cost pressures for the American consumer,” Seroka added.