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Army Corps. Of Engineers Dredging Project In Wicomico River Underway

Posted on October 31, 2023

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – Dredging is underway in the Wicomico River.

The Army Corps. of Engineers says the project began October 16 and should be done by the second week of December. They say they hope this helps boats navigate the river better.

Project manager Kevin Fenyak says, “It’s required anywhere that we put a channel in because channels aren’t natural and rivers fill in naturally. So as the sediments kind of build up over time, we need to essentially vacuum it back out.”

Right now parts of the river are too shallow.

Construction Representative Jeffrey Price says, “Now in some areas of the river the depth is 9 or 10 feet. We’re taking it down to 15 so it increases the capacity of the barges that can travel up and down the river.”

That allows barges to shuttle more cargo too. Price added, “The barges have to light load to get up the river so by deepening the channel they can load to their maximum depth to get into the harbor.”

Local fishermen say this project is needed.

“When it’s low tide, you pretty much have to stay in the channel to get up in here because if you go out, you can run into the ground and mess up your motor. It’ll probably be a good thing to drudge so you know you have a little more water in here,” says Derek Robinson.

The dredged sediment from the lower Wicomico River will be moved to the Deal Island State Wildlife Management area.


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