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Areas at Mill Creek Project closed due to construction

Posted on May 1, 2024

WALLA WALLA, Wash. – Officials at Mill Creek and Bennington Lake have enacted targeted public safety closures due to the ongoing Russell Creek Canal rehabilitation project. The closures have affected the following areas, roads and trails:

  • Russel Creek Canal Road area, this is the area bounded by the bottom of the dam the road along the canal to the end of USACE property.
  • The access road from Reservoir Road near the west edge of the dam to the bottom of the dam. The gate leading from Reservoir Road to the bottom of the dam will remain open for USACE authorized vehicles and construction equipment – not for public access.
  • The trails to the west and east of the Russell Creek canal area remain open, expect where they cross the Russel Creek Canal site.  To cross the area the trails on either the top of the dam or the bottom of the dam near Bennington Lake will need to be used.
  • The return canal trails, and its spurs are open except for those that descend toward Russel Creek Canal. Recreational users will again need to use the trail across the top of the dam to cross over to the other side of Russell Creek or on the spur trails to the north.
  • The trail and service road on the east side of Russell Creek remain open as well, expect for the section crossing Russell Creek Canal, users will have to follow the circular route returning to the southeast edge of the dam.

These closures are expect to remain in place until the completion of the Russell Creek Canal rehabilitation project at the end of July.


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