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Ardmore Shipping wins at Maritime and Port Authority Singapore International Safety@Sea Awards 2022

Posted on September 5, 2022

Ardmore Shipping was announced as a winner at the 2022 Maritime and Port Authority Singapore (MPA) International Safety@Sea Awards, according to the company’s release. The awards were announced on 31 August in Singapore as part of the International Safety@Sea Week. Nominated in the ‘Open Category’, the award recognizes Ardmore’s development and launch of a ‘Safety Rating’ app, allowing crew members to build and maintain a ranking of their safety competency, which can be transferred as they transfer between vessels across the Ardmore fleet.

Ardmore’s ‘Safety Rating’ app was developed and launched by the company in late 2020. It then went through a process of implementation, crew familiarization, and participation throughout 2021. The program allows onboard crew members to anonymously assign safety ratings to their crew mates – on a scale of 1 to 5 – against a list of soft skills and behavioral competencies, as well as areas of safety awareness. This includes elements such as safety initiatives, leadership, Personal Protective Equipment usage, teamwork capabilities, assistance of fellow team members, and level of participation in safety meetings/drills.

The core objective of this initiative is, over a period of time, to have every seafarer on the Ardmore team develop an individual rating. These ratings will ‘follow’ each seafarer throughout their employment as an Ardmore crew member, incentivizing individuals to maintain a high safety standard throughout their careers and enable Ardmore to respond to gaps with further training and support both onboard and on shore.

The Safety@Sea award was accepted by Ardmore’s Singapore General Manager and Head of Commercial, Gerald Tan on behalf of the apps creator Abhijit Ghosh, Ardmore’s Marine Manager.


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