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Arcadis IBI Group Awarded Tri-State Traveler Information System Contract

Posted on October 19, 2022

Global design and technology firm, Arcadis IBI Group Inc. (“Arcadis IBI” or the “Company”), has been awarded a multi-year contract for its traveler information system, Travel-IQ, adding to a growing list of states, cities, provinces and countries currently leveraging Arcadis IBI’s Software-as-a-Service solution. Resident and visitors of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont will now be able to travel seamlessly and plan trips across jurisdictions and counties using real-time, multi-modal trip planning, accurate information about traffic incidents, unsafe road conditions, gridlock and more.

The multi-year New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont contract established with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) expanded in 2022 to include Arcadis IBI’s integration of the Travel-IQ web product with the SwRI New England Compass advanced traffic management system (ATMS). As part of a Tri-State partnership, Arcadis IBI’s Travel-IQ product will provide advanced mapping, navigation and trip planning capabilities to the general public.

“The implementation of Travel-IQ will improve public safety, offering travelers a means to avoid problem spots and create informed travel plans,” said Arcadis IBI Group CEO, Scott Stewart. “With a full suite of products, we can work with our Tri-State partners to create a package of solutions that best meets the needs of their residents and visitors.”

“The Maine Department of Transportation, Vermont Agency of Transportation and New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) are pleased to partner with SwRI and Arcadis IBI to enhance both New England Compass ATMS and This service will provide real-time traveler information including roadside camera images, route-based alerts, and region wide traffic speeds,” said Susan Klasen, NHDOT TSMO Administrator.

“We are excited to integrate new features into the New England Compass ATMS that will directly benefit commuters in the Tri-State area,” said Capri Schafner, an SwRI project manager. “The SwRI and Arcadis IBI collaboration aims to enhance the traveler experience and real-time traveler communications to notify the public as quickly as possible with event information, travel times and weather.”

“We’re excited to expand our Travel-IQ SaaS solution to three new states and provide excellent service, project management and technological support,” said Travel-IQ product lead, Geoff Carter. “The delivery approach, along with the quality of the product has been a key factor in our ability to enhance our client’s transportation information system.”

In addition to the multi-year SaaS Tri-State contract, Arcadis IBI has also been awarded contract renewals in Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, New York and Southern California. The contracts add to Arcadis IBI’s growing body of intelligence-based mobility work throughout the U.S., and will specifically add new traveler system features along with mobile apps for reporting in each of the States.

Arcadis IBI’s traveler information technology has been a significant contributor to the firm’s Intelligence-sector portfolio for more than 11 years. In the U.S., it is currently operational in Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Nevada and Wisconsin. The technology has also been deployed across several provinces in Canada (Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Yukon), as well as South Africa and Scotland.

About Arcadis IBI Group

IBI Group is a technology-driven design firm with global architecture, engineering, planning and technology expertise, working across disciplines to shape the way people live, move, learn and heal. On September 27, 2022, IBI Group joined Arcadis, a global leader in the delivery of sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets. Our digitally driven expertise will transform our industries and provide our clients with innovative, future-focused technology-enabled solutions alongside human-centric design excellence. Together, we’re a stronger and more resilient business of passionate thinkers, designers and engineers across 70 countries. The combined strength of Arcadis IBI Group provides unprecedented opportunities to offer new client solutions, while defining the resilient cities of tomorrow, together.


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