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Arcadis advises Port of Amsterdam on circular office dismantling

Posted on May 29, 2023

Arcadis, the leading global Design and Consultancy organization for natural and built assets, has developed a circular dismantling approach for an office building nominated for demolition by the Port of Amsterdam.

Working on behalf of the port authority, Arcadis was appointed to oversee planning, develop process guidance, and select the contractor for the circular dismantling of Ruijgoordweg 80. This comparatively new and well-maintained building currently sits in the Port of Amsterdam’s safety zone. However, with the port scaling-up production and use of hydrogen and biofuels to meet demand for renewable energy across the Netherlands, the safety zone needs to expand.

To minimize waste and support the Port of Amsterdam in meeting its sustainability ambitions, Arcadis made an inventory of the building to map out the materials used and then identify opportunities for reuse.  Experts evaluated the materials based on quantity, environmental impact, and detachability. This material inventory served as the basis for the circular award criteria, which was then tested through on-site consultation.

Contractor Lagemaat B.V. has been preparing for the circular decommissioning since mid-March. Some of the materials from the dismantling of Ruijgoordweg 80 will be used in another building. During the process, Arcadis will remain as project manager and oversee the implementation of the port authority’s circular ambitions.

“We find this way of working relatively unique at the moment,’ said Arcadis director Cécile Cluitmans. “But ways of working are going to change considerably in the future. With new buildings we are already thinking about what to do with them after their useful life, and we are going to reuse more and more parts of existing buildings in the context of economizing the resources we have. The circular dismantling of the Port of Amsterdam office building is a wonderful example of this new approach.”


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