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Ampelmann making headway in Taiwanese wind market

Posted on October 11, 2022

Ampelmann making headway in Taiwanese wind market

As Taiwan’s windfarm construction effort is gathering momentum, so is Ampelmann’s involvement in its expanding offshore wind market. In the last six months, we signed another four contracts with different (end)clients to supply our systems to this important and expanding market. Two E1000’s and two A-types were recently mobilised in Taiwan. These systems assisted construction, cabling, commissioning, and hook-up of turbines on four different wind farms including: Yunlin OWF, Changfang Xidao OWF, Formosa 2 OWF, and Taj Powe Phase 1 demonstration project OWF. As such, we have gained considerable experience in the various stages of construction operations on a variety of Taiwanese wind farms and have developed a deep understanding of the nuances of the market.

This is an important moment for Ampelmann and we are particularly pleased that together with our three returning clients we are also working closely with one new end client. We have been operating in Taiwan since 2020 and year by year we have taken on more projects. Taiwan’s offshore wind sector is set to grow tremendously in the next few years as its 20.5GW target for 2035 will require an average of 1,5GW of wind power to be built yearly. It is, therefore, essential to maximise the efficiency of construction projects in as safe a way as possible. By early 2023 we will have completed eight different projects on five out of seven windfarms that are currently being built in the Formosa Strait.

This also marks the first entry of the E1000 in east Asia. Well established in the wind business in other parts of the globe, this system can transfer both personnel and cargo up to one Mt in sea states as high as 4,5m Hs. As the gangway can be converted into a crane within a minute, it is perfectly suited for various scopes of work during the different construction phases of wind farms. Our workhorse system, the A-type, has already seen frequent use in Taiwan, and has helped to define new industry standards for safety and efficiency in the offshore energy sector. Due to the size of Taiwanese wind turbines, locally built, 15m high modular pedestals, including staircases, were fitted to the vessels to extend the reach of the gangways. Fully motion compensated in all six degrees of freedom, our systems extend seasonal windows and enable safe and continuous work in very rough weather conditions.

This comes on the back of our growing commitments in the global renewable energy sector. Our large fleet, available for both rent and sale, allows us to quickly deploy systems whenever and wherever they are needed. In addition to these new contracts in Taiwan we continue to expand operations in European offshore renewables and have supplied our first E1000 to the emerging wind market in the USA. We have sold five W-types, a fully integrated height adjustable access solution for SOV’s/CSOV’s, that together with our new A-hoist, a cargo lifting A-type, will help to satisfy the growing demand for efficient access solutions for cargo and personnel during the construction, commissioning, and repair of a growing number of wind turbines.

By diversifying our local and global portfolio and broadening our operational expertise in Taiwan, we are building a strong foundation from which we can help to sustain the annual growth of its offshore renewable energy sector in as safe a way as possible.


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