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Ahead of Navy project, Hawaiian Dredging talks building local landmarks for over a century

In this historic photo, Hawaiian Dredging works on a dry dock at Pearl Harbor on July 19, 1919.

Posted on March 25, 2024

Hawaiian Dredging is one of three companies driving the modernization of Dry Dock 5 at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. It’s the largest construction project in Navy history.

The local legacy company built the original dock 100 years ago. Its credits also include the Ala Moana Shopping Center — then the largest in America — Honolulu Harbor and the Ala Wai Canal. From hospitals to hotels to highways and harbors, the company has had a hand in building not just this city but key installations across the state.

Hawaiian Dredging Vice President of the Commercial Division Paul Silen talked to The Conversation about the company’s historic projects across Honolulu, the impacts of climate change on Hawaiʻi’s aging infrastructure, and the current joint venture with Dragados and Orion to modernize the shipyard to the tune of $3.4 billion.


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