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After 2022 start, the Packery Channel Restoration Project is now complete

Corpus Christi city manager Peter Zanoni speaks at a ceremony celebrating the completion of the Packery Channel Restoration Project on Padre Island.

Posted on April 3, 2024

On Wednesday, city leaders will officially mark the completion of the Packery Channel Restoration Project, a project that began in January 2022.

The Packery Channel Jetty is a popular fishing spot for many, especially with the added sidewalks, railings, just to name a few of the upgrades. Angler Keo Phollurxa is visiting from Frisco, Texas and said that he is already seeing the benefits from the restoration program.

“Just the past few years I was here and found out here in the Jetty is way better than where I used to fish,” he said.

The jetty is just one of the multiple areas targeted by the restoration project, some of the improvements include beach nourishment, added walkways and bigger rocks to stand from.

“The walks and everything make it easier here because I can catch the bait,” he said.

Corpus Christi District 4 councilman Dan Suckley said the restoration project was something residents said they were eager to see get underway.

“That project and the channel mean a lot to this area folks were anxious to put it back together to the way it was, so finally having it to where fisherman can enjoy it along the side,” he said.

Suckley said boaters will also benefit from the project’s official completion.

“Folks in our area that are tourists or residents that want to get out into the gulf to enjoy it, it has much quicker access to go out there through Packery Channel,” he said.

Another benefit is that boaters will get to save on time and fuel by having a shorter travel time to get to the gulf, rather than going through.


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