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Weather and Breakdown Affect Dredging

Posted on July 25, 2016

Heavy rain, unseasonal high tides and arctic gusts have affected work at the Solomontown boat ramp.

The work is part of the $2 million foreshore upgrade with the aim of improving boat launching amenities and allowing bigger vessels to use the site.

The riverbed is being dredged and sediments used to fill a purpose-built rock sea wall area, reclaiming land on the foreshore that will be used for recreation.

Grab dredging works have stopped temporarily because the reclaimed land has become waterlogged because of unseasonal high tides and bad weather.

The conditions have stopped the dredged material from drying out.

The layers of dredged material need to become more solid, allowing the material to be compacted and become stable. The top dense layer of the riverbed is being mixed with the lower sandy soil layer which will assist with the drying process.

Last week, the excavator on board of the dredge Elwood broke down and a new excavator is being transferred on board this week.

While MSP, the civil works contractor, is working the dredged material on site to help it dry, Maritime Constructions, the dredging contractor, will move Elwood to Port Bonython to perform a small job between.

This ties in with shipping restrictions programmed to enable the works.

So far, about 4200 cubic metres of spoil has been collected behind the newly-built seawall with about 2300 cubic metres still to be dredged.

Elwood will return to complete the rest of the grab dredging work by August 30.

Meanwhile, MSP continues civil works, which includes completing concreting of the new boat ramp lane, landscaping and other activities to allow the boat ramp to reopen to the public by August 30.

The completion date of the reclaimed recreation area is difficult to estimate. The area will be tested to check the level of compaction and its ability to support heavy construction equipment.

Once the sediment is compacted, the reclaimed area will be topped with clay, landscaped with lawn, plants and a picnic shelter.

It will provide the perfect spot for families and boat enthusiasts.

Source: The Recorder

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