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Waterfront Group Meeting with Selectmen

Posted on October 12, 2015

By Bill Hall, SouthCoastToday

The Waterfront Revitalization Committee was planning to meet with the Board of Selectmen last night to go over proposals and plans to be submitted to the Special Town Meeting, tentatively scheduled for Nov. 2.

The committee met last Wednesday evening at the Town Hall Annex to go over some of the details to be presented to the selectmen. Chairman Chris Sampson noted that the goal would be to have a plan that is presentable to the voters at the Special town Meeting. If approved by a two-thirds majority, the committee would send out a request for proposals and bids to construct the building, parking and other items for the beach. There would be a ballot vote on whether the voters wanted to fund the plan, either at the annual election in April or a special election before then.

The estimates for the remaining phases of the work would be $1.578 million for the preparation work and $2.7 million for the construction. The preparation work includes an estimated $223,000 for the demolition of the existing Bluffs building and an estimated $1,355,880 for parking and site improvements.


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