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Wasa Dredging Ltd Rolls Out New Dredging Equipment

Posted on September 4, 2015

The Finnish dredging equipment manufacturer and sales company Wasa Dredging will present both existing and new models when coming to Neva 2015. The Equipment and Sales branch of the dredging entrepreneur will present the new backhoe dredgers series “BHD 48000” and “BHD 28000” as well as the previous “BHD 18000” and “BHD 12000”, the Company said in its press release.

The BHD models are delivered as a complete, work ready package. They are using Hitachi excavators. The Booms and Arms are specially developed by Wasa Dredging, allowing the BHD 48000 to handle a 48 m3 heavy-duty bucket and even a 55 m3 light duty bucket. The innovative double-winch system for controlling the spuds ensures smooth and safe stepping. The “Wasa BHD” backhoe dredgers are accompanied by a range of “SHB” split barges, towed or self-propelled as the 940 m3 “SHB 940” and the 2400 m3 “SHB 2400”.

Wasa Dredging provides both the equipment and the know-how through educating the customers workforce in operating the BHD models.

Wasa Dredging works as a marine offshore and inland water construction company operating mainly in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. The Company seeks also to expand its footprint in the markets of Europe. Our main line of business is capital and maintenance dredging of fairways and harbours. Underwater blasting and dredging of hard material are our specialities.

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