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USC’s Southern Centre for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair to build six self-propelled dredgers of Project 93.159А

Posted on June 28, 2023

The first three dredgers are to be delivered in 2025, the second batch — in 2026

State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) and Southern Centre for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair (part of United Shipbuilding Corporation, USC) have signed a contract on construction of a series of six self-propelled dredgers with interchangeable cutter suction / rotary bucket   equipment, Project 93.159А. The dredgers are to be built at Lotos production facilities. The first three dredgers are to be delivered in 2025, the second batch — in 2026, says GTLK.

The dredgers of domestic design are to be built with the use Russian components. The main purpose of the vessels is to perform various dredging works including development of silty, sandy and sandy-gravelly soils. The dredger will also be used for cleaning rivers and canals from sediments, for laying canals and other hydraulic engineering works.

For the accelerated development of inland water transport in Russia, it is crucial to eliminate limiting sections that hinder the passage of vessels along rivers and canals. Ships built under the contract will help in solving this problem, said GTLK General Director Yevgeny Ditrikh.

“To develop the North-South international transport corridor and to improve the conditions for navigation along inland waterways of Russia in general, a fleet of new highly efficient dredging vessels is needed in the very near future. Astrakhan shipbuilders have the necessary competence and are already building dredging vessels. Cargo carriers and passenger companies are waiting for dredgers. It is important for USC that the series will number a total of 10 vessels – this will improve the economic performance of the project,” said USC head Alexey Rakhmanov.

Lotos shipyard is currently building four dredgers with cutter suction and rotary  equipment, Project 93.159 and Project 93.159.1. The lead ship, Lotos-1, is undergoing mooring trials.

The contract is signed in the framework of GTLK’s investment project aimed at modernization of Russia’s civil fleet involving the resources of the National Wealth Fund (NWF). The investment project foresees the construction and leasing out of 260 civil ships in 2024-2028: 119 cargo ships, 73 passenger ships, 27 ships of the dredging flee, 1 floating dock, 5 large and 5 towing ships, 20 barges. Total investments are estimated at RUB 231 billion including RUB 136 billion from the National Wealth Fund and RUB 95 billion of loans.

As of 23 June 2023, GTLK has invested RUB  187 billion into Russian shipbuilding having ordered 191 newbuildings. GTLK fleet numbers 203 vessels including 112 leased out units.

The Southern Centre for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair is a single industrial complex consolidating the largest enterprises in Russia’s Southern region, specializing in the construction of facilities for the development of offshore oil and gas fields. In addition, the Southern Centre’s shipyards are dynamically developing in the field of civil shipbuilding. Production facilities, extensive experience in the industry enable the southern shipyards group to execute all types of turnkey newbuilding contracts.


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