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Unmarked Submerged Dredge Pipes Causing Major Damage To Vessels; Latest Incidents Related To Storm

Posted on October 20, 2015

By Shawn Soper, The Dispatch

At least two more boats have fallen victim to allegedly unmarked dredge pipes in local navigation channels, including an unnamed commercial vessel and a large sportfishing vessel seriously damaged in the Inlet channel last week.

In two separate incidents, a commercial trawler and the sportfishing charter boat “No Quarter” struck a section of dredge pipe partially submerged across the main channel in the Inlet, causing serious damage to both vessels. The two incidents last week bring the total of vessels striking pipes in navigation channels in and around the resort area to at least 10, including a half a dozen or so when the dredge company, Goodloe Marine out of Florida, had set up their operation much further south near Assateague last month.


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