TAMU 50th Dredging Engineering Short Course

Posted on September 30, 2020

Texas A&M University is pleased to announce our 50th Dredging Engineering Short Course
(Taught Online from January 11—15, 2021)

This 4.5 day online Dredging Short Course will discuss current information on dredging fundamentals, dredge equipment & instrumentation, dredging procedures, dredged material placement procedures, sediment transport in pipes, environmental regulations, mathematical/numerical models, cost estimating, dredging and remediation of contaminated sediments, wetlands development, dredging case studies, topics in surveying, cost estimating, engineering with nature and beneficial uses of dredged material.


Introductory course for non-engineers and engineers:

  • Dredging and Environmental Consulting Firms
  • Dredging Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Corps of Engineers, Ports, Federal/State Regulatory Agencies
  • Others with an interest in dredging and dredged material placement


December 1, 2020


Note that we have a 75-seat limit and there is a waiting list from last year; so, registrations are expected to fill in quickly.


  • Dr. Ram Mohan, Adjunct Professor & Course Director, Tel: 215.756.5030, Email: rmohan@tamu.edu
  • Dr. Robert Randall, Professor Emeritus, Tel: 979.845.4568, Email: r-randall@tamu.edu
  • Caleb Mullins, Events Coordinator, Department of Ocean Engineering, Tel: 979.255.5564, Email: mullberries89@tamu.edu
  • Registration Questions:


Center for Dredging Studies, Department of Ocean Engineering, Texas A&M University Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

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